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2013 4th Quater SW Idaho Vacancy Survey Results

Data from a total of 19 property management companies were included in the Southwest Idaho Vacancy Survey Results, which accounted for a total of 4,519 homes: 2,040 single-family and 2,479 multi-family

Vacancy rates moved upward .7% above last quarter. Comparing winter to winter, the surveyed vacancy rate rose from 3.4% for Q4 of 2012 to 3.9% for Q4 of 2013 with a recent surge in single-family vacancies for the quarter.

Rental rates were also pressured for the last quarter, but realized healthy annual growth. Winter rate fluctuations are historically expected to be the result of increased competition attempting to avoid vacancy and turnover time in the coldest weather of the year when renter demand is lowest. Multi- family rates were relatively stable with some segments slightly up and some slightly down within the statistical variability of the survey. Most of the downward rental rate movement for the quarter was in the single-family market. Year-over-year, average rents increased by 7.6%!

To view the entire report, click here!

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